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Goa Tourism 2020

Competition: Great Waves This Winter

By : Tanvi Grewal

Goa Tourism 2020

Goa Tourism 2020 is very different from Goa Tourism in 2019. Goa tourism started a long time ago. Yes, it was not until the 1960's that the first of what we consider to be, international tourists, arrived in the true sense. However, people have been coming to Goa from other parts of India since ancient times. There is evidence of human habitation in Goa from  3500 BC and since those early times, many others have come. There are records from as long ago as 1700 BC of people coming from Deccan plateau in southern India and many others have followed. They created a diverse mix of cultures that is still in evidence in Goa today. They must have come for a reason.

Cool temperatures and a relaxed way of life

The reason being that Goa offered a lot of advantages and these advantages are the same that today's tourists find attractive. Two of these are the cool temperatures and a relaxed way of life. Moving onto the modern era of tourism it was these attributes that were so appealing and were instrumental in the growth of tourism in Goa. These are just two of the selling points that Goa has for tourists, but there are many many more. Here is a list of just some of the great things about Goa. There are so many things that make Goa a great place to come as a tourist.

  • Beaches
  • Beach Shacks
  • Beach Sports
  • Ocean
  • Dolphin Spotting
  • Fish to eat
  • Restaurants
  • Nightlife
  • Wildlife
  • Forts
  • Churches
  • Shopping
  • Diverse Cultures
  • International community
  • Sunshine

Tourism in Goa

Over the decades since the start of tourism in earnest, there have been many changes. The people coming have changed with changes in the world outside of India. These changes have been manyfold. They have been economical changes. As Europe prospered more people had time and money to come on holiday and Goa offered many tempting reasons for tourist to come from those countries. During the 1990's Goa was a very popular destination to people from the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Israel and many other countries. Goa offered a lost cost option for young people wanting to see the world outside of Europe. The beauty of Goa was complimented by the growth in interest in Eastern Religion and teachings, and many wanted to see and learn about the vast ancient country of India.

As Europe entered the 21st century, things started to change. The economies slowed down and people found themselves with less money. Not only did they have less money but also many things increased in cost. Flights to India became more expensive and less appealing. At the same time, many other destinations opened up, especially in Europe, offering sunshine and beaches with much shorter and lower cost flights. This lead to a slow decline in international tourist arrivals in the state.

Domestic Tourism

At the same time as the decline in international tourist numbers, there was a steady rise in domestic tourist arriving. For many domestic tourists coming to Goa is like going to a different country. The Portuguese influence, the churches, the houses and the people make Goa very different from anywhere else in India. This has made it hugely popular and many people have a dream to come and see and experience Goan life.

Goa Tourism 2020

Goa tourism in 2020 is very different. This year world was hit by the Novel Coronavirus. This is a terrible thing that has changed the world. In Goa, this change has been very dramatic. It has been devastating for the economy and the life of people in the state. Of course, everywhere has been affected by this, but Goa especially so as it is a place that thrives on tourism. Without tourists, the state not only faces extreme financial hardship but also a sadness in the people who have for so long worked to make the state such a great place for people to come and enjoy life.

The State Government is making plans for the safe return of tourist to Goa. There are many challenges ahead.

The people of Goa know that for now, things are out of their hands. They are waiting patiently for the return of the people and the life that they love.