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Scuba Diving places in Goa

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By : Tanvi Grewal

Scuba diving places in Goa

We know the best.

At Atlantis, we have twenty-seven years of experience with scuba diving in Goa. It is because of these years of experience that we know the best Scuba diving places in Goa.

Scuba Diving at Grande Island

We offer both short and long scuba dives at the famous Grande Island. This is a great place to come to dive and is very popular with all our customers. We also offer the save great dining experiences at Malvan. You can book with us as an individual or as a group and enjoy a full day out on your next visit to Goa for your holidays.

We choose our dive locations very carefully.

We take into account the current weather and tides to decide on the best scuba diving places in Goa for the date of your visit. The Indian Ocean is a magical place and it is an incredible experience to be under the sea. There is a whole different world down there that very few ever get to see.

Scuba Diving Certificate

We also offer the full range of PADI Scuba Diving Certificates. There are four different levels for you to work towards. Having a PADI Certificate means that you can rent Scuba diving equipment anywhere in the world without having to take lessons. The PADI Certificates are recognised all love the world. Contact us to book your scuba diving certificate.

These are our favourite Scuba diving places in Goa

Suzy’s Wreck

'Suzy' is a British Vessel that sank during world war two and has become a very popular diving site. There is a lot to discover here in the shallow waters around Suzy’s wreck. This large metal ruin lies on a sandy sea bed. The wreck attracts a  wide variety of species of fish like the snappers, stonefish, angelfish and more. This is an easy drive as the water currents are not very strong.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock is located approximately 1km from Grande Island. This can be a challenging dive as here the water currents are strong and surges are possible. Sail Rock is a great location for more experienced divers. The dive is in the 6 to 20 meters depth range with sloping walls that make this a challenging dive. There is a wide variety of aquatic life here that include many fish and corals. This is really one of the best Scuba diving places in Goa.


Davy Jones Locker

The term Davy Jones Locker is well known to every sailor, it is the name given to the bottom of the sea. How this wreck got its name has been forgotten, but it is at the bottom of the sea. The site has a 14-metre long sunken ship that has been almost completely broken up by the constant action of the sea. This underwater wreckage is home to a great many large fish that seek sanctuary and a place to hunt amongst the broken metal. You will see large Mullets, Tuna and other predatory fish. Only experienced and certified scuba divers are given the opportunity of diving here as the currents can be very strong, this dive is a challenge for all that go. Being able to dive at Davy Jones Locker is a very good reason to take a Scuba Diving Certificate with Atlantis Watersports.

Bounty Bay

If you are an amateur diver, or just a beginner than Bounty Bay is the best site for you to dive as the depth is just 6 meters which makes it a lot convenient for you. This is the perfect place to glance at the vast view of tiny colourful fishes and stiff corals. Occasionally the stingrays and nurse sharks, as well as cuttlefish, have been spotted too. If you’re keen on learning the art and adventure of scuba diving then this would be an ideal site.

Turbo Tunnel

Turbo Tunnel gets its name from being a narrow channel in 8 meters of water that the water rushes through. It is located off the coast of the capital city of Goa, Vasco de Gama. A part of Turbo tunnel is known as, Surge City, and as it name implies is an exciting place to dive. There are many large boulders here over which the waves break and it is here that the largest concentrations of fish are. You will see many species of fish including parrotfish, damselfish, triggerfish, and angelfish. It is also home to the dangerous, Stonefish and you must be wary to steer clear of these. This dive site is suitable for all levels of divers.

Uma Gumma Reef

Uma Gumma Reef is in shallow water of about 14 meters and is marked on the surface by protruding rocks. It is a beautiful dive site as it is home to many different types of coral. You can study more to learn about the different types of coral. Here you will find the three main types, Tabular, Encrusting and Massive. Corals are really one of the wonders of the ocean and Goa is a great place to see them. You will see many different fish living in this coral garden including Porcupinefish, Mullets, Surgeonfish, Tuna, Pufferfish, Snappers. There is also the possibility of seeing Nurse Sharks on this dive. This dive site is suitable for all levels of divers.

The Jetty

Another beautiful dive site in Goa is known as The Jetty. It is located at the northern tip of Grande Island off the coast of Vasco De Gama. This is a shallow dive site only reaching a maximum of 8 meters in depth. At The Jetty you will find an abundance of marine life in the clear blue waters of the India Ocean. You will see lionfish, Mullet and a variety of underwater vegetation. This is also a good place to spot one of the many species of Shark that patrol the coastline of Goa.

Shelter Cove

Also at the north end of Grande Island is Shelter Cove. As its name suggests it is a sheltered dive spot that is home to many fish. It is also a shallow 6 meter dive with a sandy bottom. This sandy bottom is a temporary home to  Squid and Cuttlefish that use this sheltered area to lay their eggs. As always there are others fish that make up the underwater food chain and are looking to feed off these eggs. This means you will also see Lionfish and Parrotfish that lie in wait in the corals for any opportunity for a a meal. Lobsters also make their home here. Another visitor that you will be very lucky of you see is the Hawksbill Turtle, an endangered species that has called the coastline of Goa home for thousands of years.

Reading about these exceptional Scuba diving places in Goa is one thing. It is totally another to experience them in real life.

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