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Goa 4 days trip

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By : Tanvi Grewal

So you have booked your Goa 4 days trip?

Four days are better than three!

But there is so much to see and do on a Goa 4 days trip, experience the best with Atlantis Water Sports.
We are sure that you will be spending a lot of time on the beach. The beaches of Goa are probably the number one reason for people choosing to come. The beach, the ocean and the perfect weather make it the best place in the country to enjoy watersports. Make Atlantis Water Sports part of you Goa 4 days trip.
Water Sports Package on a Goa 4 days trip.

Contact Atlantis Watersports

Contact Atlantis through our website or call directly, to book you water sports package. In this package, we combine our most popular adventure activities in one action-packed day. Starting at 10 o'clock in the morning, you have a full day ahead, before finishing at 5 in the afternoon.

A full day of exciting activities.

The water sports package includes

    •    Parasailing


 •    Jet-Ski


 •    Banana Ride


 •    Bumper Ride


 •    Speed Boat Ride

If you are visiting alone on your Goa 4 days trip you will meet like-minded friends from the moment you arrive. If you are with your family or a group, you will experience the thrills together.

Banana Ride

The Banana ride is a group activity where you are whisked across the water on the long yellow banana-shaped inflatables that Goa has become famous for. Being so close to the water brings an added feeling of speed to this already fast ride. You have to hang on tight!

Bumper Ride

The bumper ride adds another dimension to the banana ride, which follows in a straight line behind the boat. The bumper is a large round inflatable ring. During the bumper ride, our expert speed boat pilots, vere from side to side, reading the waves. Cutting across the waves and the wash from the boat causes the bumper to jump. The objective is to stay on!

Jetski Ride

Jetskis are the motorbikes of the sea. If you have ever ridden a motorbike, you will have an idea of how exhilarating this is going to be. Our super powerful Jetskis storm across the waves. Learning to control a jetski takes a lot of practices, so our trained instructors are on board with you, to keep everything safe and the thrills high.

Speed Boat Ride

Our speed boats travel on the water at up to 50 mph. This speed on the ocean seems like double the speed on land! You get a great view of the coastline as you glide over the ocean. The speed boat ride is one of our most popular activities and is definitely and definitely a must-do activity by anyone on a Goa 4 days trip.


Parasailing is another highlight of our watersports package. It offers your most spectacular view of Goa as you rise up above the ocean. Unlike parachuting, that requires a considerable amount of training, parasailing can be safely enjoyed with the helped of our experienced pilots. Parachuting and parasailing share a common aspect, the canopy or parachute. The specially designed canopy is opened behind you on the back of our speedboat to which you are safely attached to a winch. As the speedboat moves forward, you are gradually pulled up into the, air as the rope from the winch is let out. As the ride comes to an end, you are slowly lowered back onto the speedboat. It is an experience you will never forget.

Other exciting activities.

As you still have 3 days of your Goa 4 days trip left, you can continue your holiday with any of our other activities. We suggest our sunset river cruise and experience the spectacular coastline of Goa as the sun goes down. Also our Dolphin Safari where you will get to see the majestic, Black Topped Dolphins in their natural habitat. See our full list of activities here.

Bungy Jumping

If you are still looking for thrills to make your Goa 4 days trip truly memorable, try our huge Bungy Jumping experience. Will you be able to jump? Not everyone can make this jump into the void. It will test you to the max.

Visit the Atlantis Water Sports website to book online. Or speak to them directly to book your adventures today. They will help you to plan the best Goa 4 days trip, for your holiday of a lifetime.