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Goa Tourism

Competition: Great Waves This Winter

By : Tanvi Grewal

There has been an explosion in Goa tourism in the past decade.

At Atlantis Water Sports we have invested in the future of our Goa Tourism business.

With the rise in Goa Tourism, we have upgraded our service to our clients. Improved the quality of our services. This year we have built a new state of the art office, to better serve our customers. Our Website has been rebuilt from the ground up using the latest technology, designed, built and managed in India.

We look forward to offering all visitors to the state, the best service possible, as Goa tourism expands.

There was a steady increase in visitors to the state from the early nineties, since then it has increased massively in the past decade.

Since 2012, Goa tourism numbers have doubled.

The Department of Tourism posts numbers on its website ( Arrival Stats 2019) and the numbers make for surprising reading.
In 2012 a total of 337,499 domestic tourists visited the state. By 2018, this number had increased to 708,1559. The number of domestic visitors, more than doubled in the short period of seven years.
For the same period the numbers for International visitors, wanting to experience Goa tourism has also doubled. From 450,530 in 2012 to 933,841 in 2018.

The Goa Tourism Brand

This would seem to show that Goa, as a brand, has increased in awareness, over the course of this decade. This has been great news for the tourism stakeholders, bringing in increased revenues, year on year.
The established suppliers of tourism services have used this increased revenue to re-invest in their offerings.
Goa now has some of the best tourism properties in India. This includes worlds class hotels, restaurants, and other facilities.

Atlantis Water Sports was founded in 1993

Atlantis Water Sports has been part of this rise in visitors. From its humble beginnings in 1993, the company has always been looking forward to the future. With the increase in Goa tourism numbers, it has been necessary to continually upgrade our services to our clients. To invest in business systems, staff, and infrastructure to enable us to offer the best service possible to our adventurers.
With the increased numbers has come an increase in competition. We welcome competition as it keeps us on our toes. It makes us constantly strive to be the very best at what we do.

A record number of visitors for monsoon activities.

During the summer of 2019, we have had record numbers enjoying our monsoon activities, with river rafting being very popular. Alongside being constantly busy services our clients we have also been very busy behind the scenes.
We are very excited to announce two huge upgrades to our business that will benefit our customers.

We have built a brand new website.

We have used the technological skills, that India has become famous for, to have our new website built by a locally based company. The website is also run on a server based in India. All homegrown technology. We would like to say a big thank you, to all our partners in this huge project. We are also happy and proud, to show our commitment to our country, by using our official country domain address. For September 2019 we will officially be

A warm welcome awaits you at our new office

If this was not enough to get through during the monsoon! We have also secretly been working on a new office. A new base for our operations. It is a large airy space that fits our business. You can come and discuss your water sports and other adventures with us in a comfortable environment. It is located on the main, Anjuna to Calangute road, with ample parking outside.
We will invite you to our opening very soon. We look forward to seeing everyone.

There will also be exciting offers online to celebrate our new website launch.

Book directly on our website or call us free on1800 3000 8208 or on mobile 9607904114/15 to book your visit to our favourite Goa places to visit.