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Dolphin Watching in Goa

Dolphin Watching in Goa is one of those bucket list experiences. Watch one of nature's smartest animals play and jump out of the water as you watch from a safe distance. Experience a relaxing fun-filled dolphin safari to spot wild dolphins in the Arabian sea. You might see either one or two types of Dolphins or Porpoises. One is the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin and the other the Finless Porpoises. Both are commonly spotted when Dolphin Watching in Goa. Watch them is the sea, their natural environment and experience special moments with your friends and family. It is important to understand that these animals travel large distances in search of food, so there is no guarantee as to where they will be at any given time. Our long experience and knowledge will, however, give you the best chances of seeing them. Also important to note is that these are highly sensitive and intelligent animals, please do not throw anything in the water or shout.

Humpback Dolphin

The Humpback dolphin that you can see in Goa are distinctive by their large 'Hump' on their backs. You can clearly see these as they dive and then rise up out of the water. This makes it possible to spot them from a long way away. They also have a long 'Dorsal' fin, the fin at the back that is also distinctive. They can grow up to 2.6 Mts in length and way up to 140 kilograms, so they are not small and must be treated with respect. This species is categorised as being 'in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant proportion of its range' so needs to be protected.

Finless Porpoise

To give it its full name the, Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoise, is the other large sea mammal that calls the ocean around Goa home. The Finless Porpoise is shyer than the Humpback Dolphin but is still regularly seen on our Dolphin Watching in Goa tours. The Finless Porpoise is one of seven different Porpoises in the world and is one of the largest growing up to 2.30 meters and weighing up to 72 kilograms. Again they are impressively large and you should treat them with respect.

During our dolphin safari, you get to spot the friendly Indo – Pacific Humpback dolphins and shy Finless Porpoises. The Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins are mainly coastal and are found in tropical and subtropical regions of South and Southeast Asia. They are grey coloured with pink patches. They are called humpback dolphins because of the hump behind their dorsal fin. They are one of the most social and friendly species of Dolphins. Then we have the shy Finless Porpoises. They are black to grey, in colour. As their name suggests, they have no dorsal fins. They are not so friendly and are difficult to photograph as they do not surface high out of the water and are very fast.

Fun-Filled Dolphin Watching in Goa

Our fun-filled dolphin safari is for 45 minutes and you can also enjoy a great view of the coast that includes the former 'Kingfisher Villa', Aquada Fort with the old The Portuguese Jail and Asia’s first lighthouse.  You will for sure be immersed and mesmerized watching pods of these amazing animals gliding through the water. There is something very fascinating about them as they seem to make your stress melt away.

Information :

  • Location : Sequerim Boat Jetty, Sequerim.
  • Duration : Approx 45 Minutes
  • What to see : Spot the exotic Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins & Black Finless Porpoise, while star gazing at The Millionaire’s Palace, Aquada Fort, The Portuguese Jail and & Asia’s first light house.
  • Note: Please carry your confirmation receipt print out or on phone screen shot to show at the Dolphin boat jetty counter
  • What to wear : Comfortable Clothes as per your choice. No flip flops!!! Slip on water shoes are great as they tend to grip really well in the water. Tennis shoes and strap on sandals also are a good choice.
  • INCLUDED : Boat Safari
  • INCLUDED : Duration 45 min
  • INCLUDED : Life Jecket
  • INCLUDED : Sight Seeing


9:30am till 4:30pm





Can you guarantee dolphin sightings?

As dolphins are allowed to roam free in their natural habitat; the sea, there’s a 1% chance you may not see one.

How does one locate dolphins?

With over two decades of experience, you can leave that up to us.

What is the duration of this trip?

It lasts for around 1 hour.

What if I don’t spot any dolphins?

In case you miss your chance to spot Goa’s famous hump-back dolphins, you will get 50% off on your next trip as well as you’d have done a fair bit of sightseeing (sights include: The Portuguese Jail, Aguada Fort, The Billionaire’s Palace , Asia’s first light house and Goa’s beautiful coastline) despite not spotting any dolphins.

Should I carry anything in particular with me?

Some of the must-haves include: Camera with extra storage space, head-cap or visor, sunscreen, binoculars and a windsheeter/jacket. Though none of these are crucial pre-requisites to book a trip, having them would help you enjoy the trip more.

Do you have any particular dress code?

Anything that you feel comfortable wearing is permissible.

Does the boat have a bathroom?

Does the boat have a bathroom?

Am I allowed to click pictures and take videos?

Yes, of course! Please feel free to share your experiences via testimonials accompanied with pictures/videos on our social media accounts as well as TripAdvisor, we love to hear from you! Kindly, respect the privacy of your co-passengers while clicking pictures or taking videos.

What kind of distance do we cover out at sea?

More often than not we try and stay between 2 to 3 miles of Goa’s awe-inspiring coastline.

At what age is my child allowed to come on this trip?

There is no age limit for this trip, everyone is welcome. Our boats are 100% certified and safe.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, it is not.

What if I fall prey to sea-sickness?

If you are prone to sea-sickness or just want to take precaution, we advise you take a tablet of Domstal after your breakfast or as per your doctor’s prescription.

Is there any particular time of day when we can be sure of spotting dolphins?

Dolphins can be spotted at anytime, any day. It is the same for every wildlife safari.

How safe is the boat?

With enough room and shade for you to feel comfortable in and with qualified professionals equipped with top of the line safety gear accompanying you, be rest assured your safety and comfort is our top priority.

Is possible for me to cancel my dolphin trip?

Kindly review our cancellation policy for the same.

Will I get wet on this trip?

There will definitely not be enough water to drench you, but expect a couple of splashes of water to come on board, caused by the waves hitting the boat or the dolphins.

Can I tip the Captain and crew of the boat?

That is completely left to your discretion, it isn’t expected. Having said that, gratuity is always appreciated.

Do I need to book in advance?

It is advisable that you do so as to ensure you don’t miss out on any trip due to lack of time-slots available. Bookings may be carried out via our website, social media platforms, and by calling or emailing us as well.

What happens if the operator cancels the trip?

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, the trip may be cancelled from our end, in which case a 100% of the booking amount is refunded.

Are there any snacks or beverages provided on board?

No, they are not. However, you are free to carry some with you if you’d like.

What is the best way to share my experience at Atlantis Watersports with the world?

The best way to share your experience at Atlantis Watersports with the world is by visiting our TripAdvisor page and writing a testimonial there.

Do group bookings get a discount?

Of course they do. A flat 10% discount is awarded to a group with 10 or more members.

What time are the dolphin trips scheduled for?

We operate in 2 slots: 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM

Can we swim with the dolphins?

No, you cannot. We try to not disturb their natural habitat as much as possible.

Do you provide insurance?

Yes, we most certainly do.

From where do we embark on my dolphin trip?

We embark on your dolphin trip from various boat jetties across North Goa.

On what days do you operate?

We operate on a daily basis from October to May.

How many people can a boat accommodated at a time?

Some boats can accommodate 15 people while others can cater up to 20 people at a time.

What is the best time to get in touch with you?

Our office timings are from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday – Sunday. You can contact us via phone, email or webchat.


4.9 Excellent Add Review
5.0 Very Good

Atlantis Water Sports in Goa have very good price offers for all those who want to try out adventure sports. Their services are always worth the amount and above all it’s a sense of comfort and satisfaction which is not really guaranteed in any other places. The crew executed my Dolphin safari trip very well and it was a good time of the day that I got to see a great sight

4.8 Very Good

Goa is an any time yes for me and so I often end up being here for almost half of the time and so usually I am never in a rush because I have enough spare time in my hand. It was a lazy Sunday evening when I decided to book my slot for dolphin safar, it is such a joy to see dolphins playing around. Thanks Atlantis , I am a regular customer of yours and each time you seem to be nailing even higher. Claps for the team.

5.0 Very Good

Goa is the best place to chill out and this time I had lots of time here and so one day me and my wife decided to go for a little peaceful sail and that’s how we ended up going for dolphin safari with Atlantis water sports. That was one among the most beautiful evenings we had spent together. Thank you atlantis for having us and we are definitely coming back for more.

5.0 Very Good

We have been to many other watersports companies in the previous years and the experience we had here is nothing more than awesome in Atlantis. We went on Dolphin safari and it was a great scenic beauty to be in the sea and see dolphins jumping all around us. They have good safety gears. I am really scared of water and yet managed to go on a ride with them after having confidence over their equipments.

5.0 Very Good

Dolphin safari has always been on our list. Myself and my friends were on a trip to Goa and we came across Atlantis Water Sports in Calangute. We told them our concerns and it is to our surprise that we got what we really wanted. They took care of all our needs and we had one of the best times in our life. Dolphin safari was perfectly the right thing.

5.0 Very Good

Atlantis watersports has always been my recommendation to most of them who would want to try out adventure sports in Goa. This vacation, I went along with my family and went on a Dolphin safari. My kids were extremely happy to have been in sea and watch dolphins. It was a fascinating adventure for all of us indeed. They always gave us the best price and it is worth the amount. The team in Atlantis watersports are a fun group to be with

4.8 Very Good

Dolphin watching is a sure call therapy and it helped me a lot to relieve my stress that day, I am a journalist and that was the day when I was literally on my nerves and I am so glad that I decided to take a break and booked my slot for this. Thank you so much Atlantis water sports for the clean and neat little sail along the sea and safety.

5.0 Very Good

I had such a wonderful experience creating memories with my family on a vacation. Atlantis Water Sports curated a wonderful experience for all of us. We went on a Dolphin safari with them and they were very good at their hospitality, organisation and pricing. The spot that they took us to, we were lucky enough to see dolphins and it was an awesome day

5.0 Very Good

Dolphin safari in Goa is my personal favorite, the sight is fantabulous. And also the additional sight-seeing we got to see, it was just beautiful and such intricate craft. Thank you Atlantis Water Sports Goa for giving me the best experience and that too at the lowest price possible.

4.7 Very Good

I was in Goa for a business meet and I did not have much time spare in my hand to chill around, but all these hectic work was getting on my nerves and it was my friend who suggested for this dolphin safari or boat safari. The sight of cute dolphins playing around and the salty breeze just got me and my friend calm and it helped us to get a relief from the work pressure, that forty five minutes was pure bliss. Thank you so much Atlantis for having us.

Andhra Pradesh

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